Changed my Job slightly as a UI Developer

Hi, Last week I Quit from my job as Senior WordPress Developer / UI Engineer and started at new place as a UI Developer. but I still love WordPress Developing, never going to leave WordPress. I don’t why I am still love with WordPress.

Any way I moved due to some financial issues and the way that company treats the employees.  any way my first task was creating News Letter( actually it was designing and marking up the news letter) and Integrate it with mailchimp.

—————Out of topic——————–

The thing is, I really love the designing, when it comes to web and layout that include HTML/CSS , I think designing it in  Photoshop or Fireworks (I Feel fireworks  this far better than Photoshop when it comes to web designing ) is waste of time.  why we needs to spend hours  playing around  graphic designing tools ?

Here is some points I took from

Why We needs to avoid Photoshop or Fireworks based design

1. It’s Double the Work.

2. Clients Can’t Use It

3. You Can’t Make Changes Live.

5. Photoshop is Expensive.

6. Photoshop is Static.

7. Photoshop Has No Prototype Value.

I still believe in this way, but when you comes to design news letters this is going to be another kind of story.

1. News Letters not mainly depend on the browser

if we send a news letter, it’s not directly displaying in browser, it will display inside a mail which we can not control the styles. even if the styles are inline, it’s not going to display as we need.

2. The e-mail with the News Letter going different mail accounts.

imagine if you use gmail for testing your email news letter and you managed to style with many images, will it work in hot-mail as it is? No it’s definitely going to be different

3. Different Mail Account has different way of processing e-mails

Different email providers like gmail, yahoo and hotmail have different ways of processing e-mails, so we need to a conman way to create e-mail News letters for them. So how we going to do it. for that purpose we have to use Photoshop or fireworks again. this is breaking my point about Photoshop , but I believe this is different case .

Solution :  Make it in Photoshop or  Fireworks ( I prefer fireworks ) then using slicing tool, slice it to the different backgrounds, foregrounds and links , HTML parts if you need,  then export all the slice  as  HTML

This will give you images and html that bind via html table, and inline styles, this will work in any mail without changing the layout. 100% tested and confirmed.

my point is we can not say Photoshop or fireworks is  not essential in web layouts , but we should not depend on it.

————— Back to topic—————–

any way I wasted too many time on marking ups and styles to make good news letter , finally happened to go with Fireworks and slicing tool. So Couldn’t touch WordPress Development stuffs for 5 days,  Now I am back to develop my WordPress 🙂

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